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Architectural Services

Complete Architectural Planning Services:

Preliminary Design

Site Evaluation and Recommendations for Use

Building Design Evaluation with Relation to Project Scope

Cost Estimate and Design Scope Development

Drawings for Review and Consultation with Owner

Schematic Development

Further Site Evaluation for Compliance with City and/or State Requirements and Utilities

Development of Building Elements Consisting of Implementation of Project Scope

Further Development of Cost Estimates

Drawings for review and Consultation with Owner

Design Development

Implementation of all Disciplines into a Design Meeting Project Scope and Budget

Further Development of Building Systems and Construction Type and Methods that will be Utilized for Construction

Further Development of Cost Estimates and Building Program Implementation

Further Development of Project Documents, Drawings and Specifications

Contract Documents

Detail Construction Documents for Bidding or Negotiating for Construction

Further development and Coordination of all Disciplines Related to Project Scope

Final Evaluation of Cost Estimates and Factors Involved in Completing Project Documents

Contract Administration

Completion of and Handling all Aspects of the Bidding Process.

Coordination of Construction Start and Collaboration with Contractor(s) to Begin Construction

Regular Site Visits to Evaluate Construction Procedures and Progress for Compliance with Contract Documents and Approval of Contractor’s Pay Requests

Review of all Submittals and Shop Drawings, Coordination with Contractor(s) During Construction and Preparing all Project Close Out Documents